Enterprise foundations begin with software

When we stand back and admire a piece of architecture, we may marvel at its size, energy efficiency, and functional design. Rarely is our first question about the foundation of the building, but everything we admire depends on it. Similarly, when we encounter well-run, efficient organizations, a first question is not likely, “What enterprise software do you run?” And yet, information management is critical to an organization’s past, present and future.

Method1 injects creativity into unexpected avenues of software engineering to discover, build and deliver what we promise—customized enterprise software systems with smart and simple fundamentals built into its infrastructure. As our name suggests, we believe when an organization’s software is doing its job, information is entered once and flows without bottlenecks. Multiple log-ons are eliminated, and management has a ready source of information for making decisions. For 30 years, Method1 has been a reliable partner behind the scenes for organizations that want to establish next steps, reflect and analyze past outcomes, determine where to spend capital, and forecast and plan for the future.

We begin every relationship with the question, “How can we help you manage your information more effectively?” We enlist technical skill to write code, but count on human intuition and operational experience to help you answer that question. Your unified system includes best practice modules, personalized to meet the unique needs of your business, and to ensure every facet of your business stays in touch.

In the end, like the foundation of a building, Method1 is the foundation your organization can count on for support. Our first question about a beautiful building or well-run organization may not be about its foundation or software – but maybe it should be.

What Drives Us?

Driven by the need to empower

We empower the individual by automating the monotony, allowing them to both master their role and to create sense of purpose by witnessing how efforts contribute to the betterment of the organization.

We empower the manager with the information necessary to make the critical decisions that plot the future course of the organization. Knowledge is power and access to corporate wide information allows managers to identify competitive advantages which are the ultimate source of growth.

We empower the organization by removing communication and information barriers between departments. The resulting synergy allows organizations to rapidly respond to consumer demands and other environmental changes. Collectively, the empowerment of the workforce culminates with maximized organizational performance and profitability.

But why? Why does it matter?

We are perplexed by the state of IT in the enterprise setting and can’t understand how it has become acceptable to utilize specialized knowledge to take advantage of corporations. It may not be intentional and might be a result of inexperience or inefficiency but we believe that organizations are unnecessarily spending copious amount of money for nominal benefit. Whether it is tax dollars or corporate revenues, the money- in most cases- could have been better spent growing the organization or better servicing customers, members or taxpayers.

From a macro perspective, we care about organizational performance and profitability because indirectly the growth of an organization means growth for the economy which results in the betterment of society. And from the micro perspective, instead of going home frustrated, we care that our customers are able to go home at the end of the day proud to share how they made a difference.

Our Experience

For over 30 years we have been developing customized enterprise systems for organizations that span a multitude of different industries across Canada. Our experience is extensive, diverse and ranges from building virtual health clinics that let asthmatic patients in rural settings connect with high quality urban care to revenue recovery in the energy sector and everything in between. With each implementation our business module library grows which contains functionality that includes but is not limited to:

Municipal Taxation Management    Health and Benefits Management
Pension Management    Trade Union Management
Membership Management    Learning Facilitation Management
Heavy Equipment Management    Dispatch Management
Financial Management    Labour Cost Forecasting

We pride ourselves on developing long lasting relationships with our clients, some of which extend beyond 25 years.

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