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When an organization’s software is doing its job, information is entered once and flows without bottlenecks to the users that need it.Multiple log-ons, manual workarounds and key-person dependencies are eliminated, and management has a ready source of reliable information for critical decision making.Founded in 1984, Method1 specializes in creating information systems that consolidate corporate information, automate business processes and provide operational insight.

Create opportunity with streamlined technology

For over 30 years we have worked with organizations of various sizes across a multitude of different industries. A tremendous amount of knowledge pertaining to the intricacies of enterprise software and the relationship between the business and information technology has been acquired over that period. At Method1, we aim to share our experiences with you so that you can avoid potential pitfalls and recognize that technology creates opportunity instead of barriers.

In the information age the pace of technological advancement is unprecedented and business has embraced these benefits which are evident by improvements in the bottom line. Recognizing this trend, the software industry has responded by supplying “best-of-breed” software systems that aim to solve specific requirements. As a result, businesses are left with patchwork solutions that promise integration but never deliver. It is not uncommon that organizations have multiple systems, multiple logins and duplicated data. Similarly, organizations increase their reliance on spreadsheets or are forced to create additional functional units and supporting processes just to access the information they need.

Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be this way and better yet, the solution to the problem is simple. We are not afraid to share the secret, here it is: consider the business holistically. Anti-climactic right? Unfortunately, it is truly that simple. In order to maximize the benefits of technology, the organization must consider the entirety of the business. A holistic approach to designing enterprise systems creates a shared understanding of the business for all stakeholders and provides a foundation for growth.

An analogy we thought best describes the holistic approach

Instead, adopt a unique approach

At Method1, we understand that organizations are caught in a quandary. They recognize a need for enterprise systems but have three major concerns: it will cost too much, it is far too risky and it will not leverage prior IT investments.

We have developed P2R to address these concerns. P2R is a process that guides organizations through barriers associated with enterprise software implementations and does so affordably. P2R supports organizations who are just recognizing the need for technology and for those who are already heavily invested. Ultimately, P2R will get your organization where it needs to be and provides the foundation that will support where you want to go.

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